Car theft city 4: pre-post and rules

And we’re on once again for an hour long extravaganza of murder mayhem and vehicular liberation this Sunday! To those new or who may have forgotten, for this event we’ll all be gathering up in free roam to spend an hour stealing cars from a list. Each car and collection is worth a different set of points, based on difficulty and other factors. So it is up to each team to decide how to best spend their time.

Make sure you come dressed incognito and ready to blend in and skulk through the streets looking for your next big payout! The list™ will be posted in the coming two days. For now sit and prepare yourselves for our state-wide evening of crime, violence, and debauchery!

Without much further ado we’ll get to the rules:


Rule 1.

You can kill each other, this is a pvp event. You can shoot, maim, and burn each other all day long. The only exception is that there are no explosives allowed. They are cheap and the wanton destruction of vehicles slows the pacing of the event to a un-enjoyable crawl! Then again you’re allowed to use merryweather airstrikes. If you can hit anyone with this you deserve the right to use it really.

You are also NOT allowed to use violence in the safe zone where we drop off cars, doing so may incur point penalties for your team.


Rule 2.

You can use all free roam abilities. Muggers, bounties, merryweather, if you can afford it you’re allowed it. You are however not allowed to use offensive CEO and MC abilities. These are often much more powerful and can cheapen the game.


Rule 3.

Do not bring the police to the safe zone. Doing so will null and void your delivery, and may in worst case scenario incur point penalties.

Rule 4.

No weaponised, armored, or special ground vehicles. These vehicles are cheap, and not everyone has them. To keep a fair playing field and a good gameplay loop, these are not allowed. This includes using them to push the slower target vehicles. You are allowed to call in your air vehicles to travel around, but using their offensive capabilities is not allowed.


If there are any questions, ask me over discord or make a comment here! I’ll get back to you on your questions!

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