Car theft city 4: report 1

The fourth CTC has come and gone, and it was an exciting competition indeed! Starting off with a bang as the teams raced to the first challenge of getting my car from Simeon for a five point bonus. Which team pink readily snagged.

Kickstarting the competition team pink (Sal, Vill3m, and Witt) and team orange (Math, Dooz, and Threep) took different routes. Pink going for the smaller easier to get misc vehicles, whereas orange started off strong with the special deliveries. Sadly pink also faced some technically issues and struggled due to this, letting orange get ahead with a 30 point lead in the early quarter of the game. That being said! Though they may have left pink in the dust early on, pink was not so easily beat! They quickly started catching up, even being the first team to complete all three special orders and really pulling ahead on the bigger deliveries as orange turned their attention to the colored vehicles.

But sadly their gusto was not enough, and oranges heavy lead and good work with the challenges meant that orange won with an impressive score of 96! Pink followed close behind with 79. Not a bad score at all considering the early gap!

Good work to both teams, and thank you very much to Mattiejas for helping me judge! Without him we’d have a much harder time indeed.

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