Finally five: join the crew birthday celebration this Monday

Amazingly, the crew turns finally five years old next week! Naturally, that calls for a big celebration, this Monday at 9pm CEST! What started as an undoubtedly naive but honest attempt to spread a tiny bit more positivity around GTA Online, has grown into a lovely proper community. I’m so thankful to every one of you for helping to make that happen. So, above all, let this be a celebration of you, of all good times past, and of all good times yet to come.

Be sure to wear your crew clothes and colours for the occasion. We shall assemble at the beach as we used to in the olden days. Bring your party buses, golden Luxors, or anything else that can hold free liquor or that has a festive flavour.

Since we’re finally five, we’ve now also finally passed the legal age for several ethical activities, including:

  • lovable loitering on the beach,
  • taking pretty pictures of participants in pointless poses,
  • downing delightful drinks at the local nightclub,
  • dirty dancing with Lazlow,
  • flirting on the fun fair with (or without) safety belt,
  • savouring a sexy swim in the ocean with (or without) bathing suit,
  • bowling like a boss with Roman, or lacking him, with trucks and rocket launchers,
  • sporting a game of smothering sumo with your snug yet solicitous sidekicks,
  • having a riot at responsible reverse racing,

and many more! Let us pray and hope that LSPD will also remember that we finally reached the legal age to engage in these activities and therefore will no longer bother us during crew events.

Finally, thanks to everyone who took the time to complete the doodle. I look so much forward to see you all at the celebration!

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