History of GTAO party – an ethical throwback

Not many people remember that Grand Theft Auto Online was released on October 1, 2013. Even less players know how many times game content was updated. And today, we look back with nostalgia at all these times, when we were impatiently waiting for next DLCs. Last Sunday, we relieved old memories during history-themed event.

For meeting, we chose secluded yet scenic spot located on Lago Zancudo beach. Participants arrived in various machines, some brought their first ever cars and outfits. Once everybody was there, a short trivia took place. The one who answered the most questions correctly (and fastest) was Threep. Out of nowhere, muggers hired by Roof appeared on a beach, so we quickly moved to the plane and traveled back to Los Santos. We parachuted down to clothes shops spread around the city (with variable effect) for the next challenge. Which turned out to be unusual outfit contest from two content updates:

  • Halloween
  • After Hours

Each participant had 5 mintues to prepare an outfit that fits theme of aforementioned DLCs. Once dressed up, we gathered at the fountain between Alta Street and Las Lagunas Boulevard. The scariest Halloween costumes were worn by Geg and Villem, while Witt had the best outfit for a party. Then, we moved to the playlist containing jobs related to DLCs sorted in order of their release, starting from the earliest one:

  • deathmatch on a beach (Beach Bums)
  • Pacific Standard escape capture (Heists)
  • sumo with Lamar’s beloved lowriders (Lowriders)
  • crazy stunt race (Cunning Stunts)
  • Slipstream adversary mode (Bikers)
  • air race with jets (Smuggler’s Run)
  • Slashers adversary mode in Avon’s missile base (Doomsday Heist)
  • King of the Hill on deadly Arena War (Arena War)
  • and finally, race around casino (Diamond Casino)

Here, I’d like to express my gratitude to everyone for joining: Asgerryg, Doozle, Geg, Witt, Myst, Roof, Threep, Villem, Abdukov, Beavis, Devil, Herokin, Marwa, Mattie, Warlock, Reacher and Jordan. It was absolutely marvellous to see you so numerously on this event. Extra thanks go to Mattie, Threep, Herokin, Beavis and Warlock for providing snaps and screenshots from the party. Finally, Mattie’s party recording can be found here. Once again, thank you for joining and see you on next crew events!

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