Floyd is ready for the pyjama party.

Pyjama party: join the pillow fight this Tuesday!

Coming Tuesday at 9pm CEST, we’re on for another kind crew event. This time, for mental health awareness week, we shall snug together in our pyjamas for a good old fashioned pyjama party! Be sure to dress appropriately.

We will start by gathering for some drinks and relaxed dancing in a the cosy setting of a private nightclub. After a colourful pyjama group photo, we’ll move to another location for a surprise challenge. There, each of you will have to use your visual senses to the best of your ability. A pyramid team challenge (details to follow at the party) will test your physical skills. To end the freemode part, we will visit our most troubled friend Trevor. Indeed, we have to help him to cope with some unfriendly neighbours.

For the playlist, I have planned a range of fun challenge races, with a focus towards fun and co-operative play, although there will be some competitive elements as well in some of the jobs.

If you have any creative suggestions for the freemode part or for the playlist that particularly fit the theme, do let me know.

Finally, thanks to everyone for completing the doodle. I look forward to see you all there!

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