70s and Blues brothers parties in pictures

Maybe someone still remembers that we had two crew events in the distant past – a ’70s themed party and a cops n’ robbers event based around Blues Brothers movie. Well, here’s some pictures from those two events which you can find below the post. Thanks to all ethicals and dear guests for joining.

I’ll add the final results of Blues Brothers event here as well (amazing job, Herokin, by the way):

  1. Herokin 5.00
  2. Threepwood 2.43
  3. Chevilles 2.07
  4. Mathilya 1.46
  5. Witt 1.30
  6. Veron 1.18
  7. Mattiejas 1.17
  8. Beavis 1.11
  9. Myst 1.05
  10. Villem 0.58
  11. Geg 0.53
  12. Doozledoo 0.44

If you missed the events or want to relive them then Mattiejas has also recorded and uploaded videos to Twitch:


That ’70s party


Cops n’ robbers: Blues Brothers edition

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