Pyjama party report: warm fuzzy memories

We’ve had another lovely party last week Tuesday. This time, we had a pyjama party for mental health awareness week. To start, we assembled at the nightclub for a cosy dance and drink. Next, we moved to the CEO office for a game of “I spy with my little eye”. There, we took turns in trying to find the most original objects around us. The best spy was jordan, earning a seer of the week title. The undoubtedly most original object was chosen by aleksander, who went for an ingot on the table write next to him. Well done everyone!

We resumed the adventure with a tower building challenge, where two teams competed to build the largest tower of vehicles. It was a close call, but the team of aleksander, backblast, herokin, jordan, villem, and madebywitt managed to create the tallest tower. Congratulations! This earns the entire team an erector of the week title. We then moved to the playlist consisting of a range of fun co-operative and competitive challenges.

Thanks to everyone for joining: aleksander, backblast, mathilya, jordan, psychicwarlock, beavis, abdukov, jgamer, doozledoo, herokin, madebywitt, thatonerad, threepwood, and villem. Special thanks to psychicwarlock and mathilya for providing plenty of pictures from the party below. A recording can be found on twitch in the usual place (with apologies for the audio imbalance, my compressor took a wrong turn somewhere). I already look forward to our next event!

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