Monthly Archives: July 2020

On the day of 16th July the Alien Event orchestrated by me had began. First we waited for everyone in my appartament and took some photos meanwhile. As a warmup we started with scripted race, where we had to deliver “spaceship parts” to pointed place. After that we regrouped in […]

Alien event report

Last Monday we had another crew event. This time, we left routine behind and went on trip around State of San Andreas, searching for ordinary things, which could be done in a bit different way. We kicked off at the southernmost point in the city – little beach near Los […]

Routine alteration party report

Inspired by Area 51 raid that happend year ago, I decided to make event about Aliens. It will happen in this week on July 16th (Thursday) and will start at 9:00 PM. In plans I have two races, Last Team Standing and two activities that I prepared as secret – […]

Alien event

Gathering Last week, we gathered to celebrate summer solstice, in style. We gathered at the yacht for drinks, and mild debauchery. Everyone donned their solstice garments with radiating excellence. Shortly after midnight, we swarmed to the beach to hitch a tourist ride to the observatory. Not everyone fitted in, but […]

Summer solstice: ritual celebration report

Routine is a phenomenon that accompanies us everyday. Same in GTA – everything looks the same, since the game was released. In order to put an end to it, on Monday we’re going to have a party. On which, we will do many things differently. The only ordinary thing will […]

Routine alteration party this Monday