Routine alteration party this Monday

Routine is a phenomenon that accompanies us everyday. Same in GTA – everything looks the same, since the game was released. In order to put an end to it, on Monday we’re going to have a party. On which, we will do many things differently. The only ordinary thing will be starting hour – good, old 21:00 CEST.

As a starting point, I’ve chosen the southernmost place in State of San Andreas. That is a small beach south from Los Santos International Airport. In order to access it, you have get through the doors in airport’s fencing. Wear your most mismatching outfits you can imagine and don’t forget about a car, that fits your outfit even worse. I have couple of activities planned, including traveling across the state, rest on a yacht and more. Jobs I picked for themed playlist are also unusual – wacky races, adventitious captures and bloodless deathmatches. That being said, I hope I encouraged you to join this event.

If you have any further suggestions on some activities or jobs in which things need to be done differently, please let me know. Thanks to everyone who completed a doodle and see you soon!

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