Summer solstice: ritual celebration report


Last week, we gathered to celebrate summer solstice, in style. We gathered at the yacht for drinks, and mild debauchery. Everyone donned their solstice garments with radiating excellence. Shortly after midnight, we swarmed to the beach to hitch a tourist ride to the observatory. Not everyone fitted in, but fortunately roof space was abundant, as was the lack of health and safety regulation.

Trials and tribulations

A few accidents further, we finally arrived at the observatory for a sequence of ritual trials, consisting of a mix of science questions and finding special locations around the observatory. We learned a lot:

  • Summer solstice took place this year on 20 June at 23:43 CEST.
  • Summer is (astronomically) the longest season.
  • Galileo’s last name is Galilei.
  • Galileo spent the final years of his life under house arrest as he was accused of heresy, for claiming the earth revolves around the sun.
  • We found the location of the sundial at the observatory.
  • We found the meaning of the golden square in front of the observatory: it represents the sun.
  • And we learnt the meaning of the golden elipsoid: it represents Uranus.
  • Seniors pay $14 to enter the observatory.
  • We discovered the essence of life. It can be found in the cafeteria just to the right of the observatory, when facing the main entrance.
  • We found other entrances, places of no access, and a dome containing a 12 inch space penetrating telescope.

Congratulations are in order for threepwood, who proved to be a heliocentrist to the bone, being the best at finding the answers quickly and correctly. This earns him a Copernican of the week title on discord. Also special mention are in order to madebywitt for coming in second place.

We ended the evening with a variety of – with some imagination – solstice themed jobs. Reacher won the playlist this time around. A few accidental planetary collisions may have been involved!


Thanks to everyone for joining, and for all the good times: aleksander, beavis, herokin, jordan, lorsch, madebywitt, marwadiator, mathilya, myst, psychicwarlock, reacher, threepwood, and villem, as well as our guests jgamer and prystol. You can find some pictures from the party below, kindly provided by psychicwarlock, mathilya, aleksander, threepwood, and marwadiator.

I already look forward to the next crew event, tonight at 9pm CEST!

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