Monthly Archives: August 2020

Gathering Once more, we had a fun party, this time celebrating one-five-nil, or 150, members! For this occasion, we performed a wide variety of fun challenges, all in freemode. To start, we had some informal dancing, drinking, and a group picture, at the nightclub. Special outfit mentions go to jordan […]

One-five-nil celebration: report and pictures

The guide below documents an easy, fast, and profitable way of going about the casino heist. There are many more different ways to do the heists, and this guide merely aims to provide sensible suggestions. By all means, adapt it to match your preferences and play style. The big con […]

Casino Heist Guide: Walkthrough & Tips

We’re on for another crew event this Thursday (13th of August), at 9pm CEST as usual. This time, the theme will be about business. So, come and join as we celebrate the how’s the millioner players can to do  in a gta online atmosphere! For the freemode part of the […]

Ready for the Wall Street party!