Avi's adorable fingerprint trainer

Avi’s adorable fingerprint trainer: improve your Casino heisting skills

I want to share with you a trainer to help you improve one of the most important skills to earn money in the Casino heists: the ability to hack the doors inside the vault as quickly as possible. You can find the game here (give it some time to load up):


If you are a pro with the Casino fingerprint hacks, you may have realised that only four possible fingerprints occur. Each fingerprint always shows the same 8 distinct patterns (of which 4 are correct and 4 are wrong). This means it is theoretically possible to do the hacks without actually looking at the fingerprint itself. And if you only need to look at the patterns, you can potentially save a lot of time.

Therefore, as a fun programming exercise, I decided to code a cute little trainer game to help training the fingerprint hacks for the Casino heists. It has been tested for quite some time now, and I am excited to finally share it publicly.

The purpose of the game is to help you to memorise these patterns. The game has different levels of difficultly. The Ricky and Yohan levels are for novice hackers and do not require you to identify all four correct patterns. Paige reflects what happens in the actual game. Avi will show just the patterns without the actual fingerprint, allowing you to measure how good you know your patterns.

The scoring works by starting at a given score (40% for Ricky, 60% for Yohan, 80% for Paige, and 100% for Avi). The score then drops down at a rate of 20% per 5 seconds. You also lose 20% per wrong pattern. The idea is that you should be able to do the hack without errors within 5 seconds. So you are expected to get 80% or more as Avi, 60% or more as Paige, 40% or more as Yohan, and 20% or more as Ricky.

My own high score is about 88% (obviously, as Avi). I have added a special Easter egg in case you get 90% or more. If you get that score, be sure to share a screenshot with your friends, because that would be truly impressive.

Enjoy, and happy heisting!

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