One-five-nil members.

One-five-nil: celebrating 150 members this Tuesday

The crew counts a proud 150, one-five-nil, members! This calls for a celebration, taking place this Tuesday 18 August at 9pm CEST. On the menu will be a range of fun challenges, which will include:

  • A nightclub MacBeth challenge to see who can best hold their liquor. The rules will be a bit different from usual!
  • A precision axe of fury challenge to see who has the most precise aim.
  • Testing your trivium knowledge in a series of questions, all revolving around the magic of one-five-nil. These will include GTA facts, crew facts, mathematics, astronomy, geography, and sociology.
  • Testing your knowledge of the map by searching for specific locations in Los Santos city.
  • A team based cab race in freemode (details to follow on the day).
  • A team based party delivery challenge (details to follow on the day).

I foresee this will keep us busy for the entire evening. Just in case we have some time left, I will prepare a playlist with a few fun crew jobs. If you have any further fun ideas, let me know. I look forward to see you all there!

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