One-five-nil celebration: report and pictures


Once more, we had a fun party, this time celebrating one-five-nil, or 150, members! For this occasion, we performed a wide variety of fun challenges, all in freemode. To start, we had some informal dancing, drinking, and a group picture, at the nightclub. Special outfit mentions go to jordan earning a pyjama master of the week title. Similarly, villem earned a shiny smiley of the week title.

Challenges: toilets, precision fury, hunting, maths, cab racing, and ladies of the night

Next, everyone drank MacBeths. We tried to spawn in the toilets as many times as possible before spawning outside. Michael won this challenge, with no less than 5 drinks. That earns him a MacBeth of the week title on discord. However, special mention goes to doozledoo for managing to become stuck in the toilet cubicle. This earns him a toilet master of the week title. Good job both!

Next, we resumed with an axe of fury challenge. There, everyone tried to score of exactly one-five-nil. Here, myst had the best precision, with a score of 141. Threepwood came very close with 137. Once more, michael impressed, with a score of 135 for a third place. Next, we hunted for 11 locations spread across Los Santos city. There, madebywitt managed to get the most locations early on. However as the scores went up with more locations discovered, threepwood scored the most points. Indeed, he took the win thanks to discovering the special “leasing” sign. This earns threepwood a map hunter of the week title.

We resumed with a series of trivia questions, covering a wide range of topics. There, we covered prime numbers, Dunbar’s number, Easter island statues, moons in the solar system, GTA vehicle storage, crew bans, and crew parties. Here, reacher earned a lucky 217 of the week title for lucky correct answers with his favourite number. In addition, mathilya earned a crew fact wiz of the week for being the best at answering these questions right. However, most impressive was roofstone for getting most of the maths questions, earning a math wiz of the week title.

For the next challenge, we headed to the casino for some cab racing. There, the leader of each team called a cab to the Vanilla Unicorn. Then, the team members tried to push the cab as fast as possible, also moving traffic on the side. The team by madebywitt, doozle, beavis, and jordan, was the fastest. This earned madebywitt a cab racer of the week title, and beavis a cab pusher of the week title, having done the majority of the pushing.

Finally, we performed a “ladies of the night” party delivery challenge, where teams delivered ladies of the night to the nightclub. Monster delivered the most ladies. However again it was the team comprising of madebywitt, doozle, beavis, and jordan, to take the win, taking best advantage of the double delivery bonus. Still, a delivery expert of the week title went to monster for the great effort. By that time, jeffrey and herokin had joined too, earning themselves a fashionably latecomer of the week title.

Score sheet and pictures

Here is the full score sheet for the event:

Congratulations to roofstone for the win, and to madebywitt and threepwood for securing a 2nd and 3rd place. Regardless of your score, I hope everyone had a good time.

Below, you find some pictures from the event, provided mostly by beavis, myself, and threepwood, with a few extra from mathilya too. Thanks again everyone for joining the one-five-nil celebration. I look forward already to our next event tomorrow!

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