ETCL parodies party is back on Monday

Once a year, there is a time when one of the most wacky crew events returns – that is ETCL Parodies party. I am very glad to announce that this time has come and on Monday, at 21:00 CEST, we will meet again, with a twist. Again.

Rules haven’t been changed. Pick one of the crew members you wish to impersonate and wear clothes he/she usually wears. Don’t forget about the haircut and if possible, favorite vehicle. Plastic surgery is not necessary! Obviously, coming as yourself does not count. In case you don’t know how specific player is dressing, while in game follow these steps:

  1. enter the pause menu – click online
  2. click friends
  3. highlight the player you wish to imitate

Ready? Fantastic! Head to the Central Los Santos Medical Center parking lot, where our meeting point will be. I have some activities planned, but these are yet to be announced. And of course, playlist consisting of crew-made jobs. Featured image was composed of snaps made by me and Jeff.

Thanks to everyone who completed a doodle and I am looking forward to see you at the party!

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