Automaniacs reunion on Sunday

There is no coincidence that GTA shortcut contains “Auto” – these means of transportation became a vital part of the series. In Online, amount of vehicles and customization options reached a completely new level. Maybe not all of us are actually automaniacs. But in the game, everyone has his/her favorite car. And that’s the reason to celebrate. This Sunday, 21:00 CEST.

We will meet on the hills just north from 2044 North Conker Avenue safehouse. Bring your favorite land vehicle and put on clothes that go with the person sitting behind your choice’s steering wheel. There will be a small contest for the best matching pair (car+owner). Here are activities I scheduled for event:

  • GTA Online “recognize the car” trivia,
  • car darts,
  • pyramid building,
  • and a playlist which should meet everyone’s vehicular needs.

Thanks to everyone who completed a doodle and hope to see you soon!

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