Back to school!

Back to school this Thursday: are you ready?

We are on for another party, this Thursday at 9pm CEST. This time, we shall celebrate going back to school! We will assemble at the main site of the University of San Andreas, Los Santos with our bicycles. Strict uniform requirements are in place as usual, so please dress accordingly. Jewellery is not permitted.

On the schedule will be a wide range of school related activities. These include:

  • Uniform, posture, and appearance inspection. Make sure you have washed behind the ears and shaved in the right places.
  • Physical endurance tests on or near the sports grounds.
  • An arts and crafts challenge (details to follow on the evening).
  • Basic knowledge tests, covering any of algebra, calculus, physics, biology, chemistry, grammar, spelling, and geography. To keep it entertaining, these tests be put in a GTA context.
  • And, to reward you for all the hard studying, a few recreational games on the playground in freemode.

This should keep us busy for the entire evening, but just in case we have some time left, I will prepare a playlist with a few fun crew jobs. If you have any further fun school related ideas, let me know. I look forward to see you all there!

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