Car enthusiasts meeting – Automaniacs party report

A car is a wheeled motor vehicle. Simple as that. There are so many of them in GTA Online that everyone can find something for self. Without a doubt, Mattie, Marva, Dr.Insane, Threep, Witt, Doozle, Beavis, Villem, Jordan, Lorsch and Myst did, and they arrived at this car-themed crew event.

We met at the hills over North Conker Avenue. We voted for the best matching outfit and car pair and the contest was won by Jordan, Villem, Witt, Threep and Mattie. After that, we moved to “guess the car” trivia, in which participants had to guess the vehicle (by typing both manufacturer and model). None of the automobiles was my favorite Progen T20 <3 but there were some other interesting automobiles. Witt and Villem scored most points. Next up, car darts job I made exclusively for event. After hitting 4 targets, the winner was Witt again, closely followed by Threep, Doozle, Myst and Mattie. As a final part of freemode challenges, car-building pyramid competition. Unfortunately, instead of pyramids, we managed to cook build something in shape of pancake. And so, team consisting of Mattie, Marva, Dr.Insane and Myst managed to build the tallest construction. Cops actively engaged in interrupting us again, so we moved to the playlist:

  • car football with little Issi Classics,
  • my AW king of the hill with many skulls crushed,
  • motor wars LTS, with crazy comebacks and faceplants
  • Villem’s vehicle delivering capture,
  • Witt’s TA race, which teleported us to deep underground areas of State of San Andreas (?),
  • my sumo with Chebureks,
  • and finally, my criss-cross Dune race, which abounded in many mid-air collissions.

I’d like to thank everyone who joined this event and shared his/her love for cars. Special thanks go to Villem and Witt for providing additional snaps, as well as Beavis, Doozle, Threep and Marva for some nice screenshots. And finally to Mattie for providing party recording. See you all on future events!

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