Impressions and pictures from 1k party

I’d like to thank all the party animals who recently joined in celebration of my character reaching rank 1000 in GTA Online: Mattie, Tilly, Threep, Witt, Jordan, Marvey, Cyneric, Herokin, Aleksander and friends from HALP – Tudor, SMG and Arnaude. Extra kudos to those who arrived with platinum blonde pigtails or other features that remind my character. For that I awarded Tilly with Swag of the Week role since, besides very authentic reproduction of biker outfit, he’d also gone as far as to win the Racing Blonde tattoo specially for this occasion 😛

After offering welcome champagne to the early birds (read: pouring guests all over with $150k champagne and then drinking the rest myself) we kicked off the party with an impromptu limo race. Players had to order limousine service from Ms Baker and race to the destination as passengers. Witt proved that besides him even his chauffeur is a very skilled racer.

Impromptu race was followed by building a huge “1000” on the beach in the form of relay run. There, each team had to build one “0” from a number of stolen street cars. While it was a very close match, Jordan’s team (Jordan, Tilly, Herokin and Tudor) was the the fastest. After the two challenges it was time for the playlist. It contained a selection of my jobs – from my very first creation to ever so mysteriously popular Dune sumo. Not to break with tradition, we kindly let Jordan win the playlist again 😉

Thanks again to everyone who could join. I hope you had a great time and lots of fun. Below you can also find a gallery I’ve put together, with contributions from Mattie, Tilly and Threep.




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