Army life party on Tuesday – get ready soldiers!

Almost four years ago, Army Training crew event took place. Since that time, many things have changed. Means of law enforcement, technology used by military and many more. It’s time to remember all these tough memories and find that brave soldier that living deep inside our hearts muscles. For this time, General Mills promoted me to party unit commander.

And so I announce:

Attention! Gathering time: Tuesday, 17th of November, 21:00 CET. Meeting location: Fort Zancudo Approach Road. You can already start training saluting. Bring favorite troop vehicle you store in your garage. No aircraft allowed. And obviously, don’t forget about appropriate military-themed outfits. Freemode plan includes a march to Fort Zancudo and two completely different challenges. Also, there will be a playlist, this time with little bit more PvP.

Thanks to everyone who completed a doodle. Hope to see you all there.

Announcement over. March off.

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