Back to school: who were the naughtiest students?

School Assembly

Finally, here is my late homework submission, with a report on our back to school party! To begin, we assembled at school for a quick clothing inspection. Props to our alexander and guest jgamer for being the best dressed and on best behaviour. Also special mention to villem, who was dropped off in style by his girlfriend following what must have been quite a night, and to marva for taking a pretty awesome bike for bicycle!

Class Activities

We continued with class from Jimmy for a spelling test, won by madebywitt, with threep in a close second place. For physical education, we ran up to the school bus, and this time villem proved to be the fastest, followed by mathilya, herokin, and threepwood. In maths with Amanda, threepwood and villem showed superior knowledge, although special mention goes to reacher for his excellent knowledge of relativity theory, and to threepwood for his expertise in quantum physics. Our second physical education exercise consisted of a swimming and climbing parkour onto the yacht. There, myst cunningly took the win with a special atomizer jump, followed by madebywitt, jgamer, and threepwood.

Next, in geography class with Tracey, mathilya proved to be most knowledgeable about the hills and villages around Los Santos, with villem coming in at a close second place. We then went to the golf course for a game of team atom golfing, where team villem/jgamer/myst/beavis, showed best team effort to bring the ball (a random car picked from the parking lot) into the hole (i.e. the pond), with team madebywitt/herokin/threepwood coming in at a close second.

For the next challenge, we tested everyone’s knowledge about Los Santos biology, with Trevor. Villem showed his genius again, coming in first, with threepwood in a close second place. We ended the evening with a class from Solomon, where we hunted for a variety of media and fashion symbols. This required a good eye for detail of the surroundings of the amazing city of Los Santos. Villem once more scored best, in the areas of business, food, and media. Madebywitt on the other hand proved most knowledgeable about movies and fashion.

Head Teacher Awards

With everything coming to a close, the following weekly titles were handed out to all attending students:

  • villem – mad genius & party climber
  • madebywitt – art expert
  • mathilya – geographer
  • threepwood – quantum physicist
  • reacher – relativity theorist
  • myst – yacht raider
  • beavis, jgamer, myst, villem – explosive golfer
  • marva – biker student
  • herokin, psychicwarlock – late student
  • aleksander – smart student

with scores as follows (click on the thumbnail for full detailed view):

Closing And School Picture Gallery

Thanks to everyone for joining and engaging with what was probably one of the more intense events we’ve had in a while. I hope you all enjoyed it. Below you can find some highlights, kindly provided by villem, warlock, mathilya, beavis, and threepwood; thanks for helping out with these! The lovely highlighted picture at the top of the blog post is also provided by villem. I look forward to seeing you at the next one.

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