Princess Robot Bubblegum in a relaxing pose.

Princess robot bubblegum superstar party this Sunday

This Sunday at 9pm CET, it’s time for us fans to gather once more and pay tribute to the biggest TV star of all: Princess Robot Bubblegum! With the naughtiest of intentions, we shall assemble away from prying eyes at a secret location to be specified. Let’s hope the Los Santos cops won’t get wind of our party this time. Bring along your favourite Princess Robot Bubblegum gear, or anything else that fits the theme and that satisfies your creative desires. For the occasion, please colour your hair in pink, if you can spare the effort and coin. For the event itself, we will do a few challenges in freemode, followed by an appropriately themed playlist. I’d be grateful for any cool suggestions as always! I look forward to see you there this Sunday.

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