Princess Robot Bubblegum party: our wildest dreams

To warm up for the upcoming Valentine, here is finally a report on our Princess Robot Bubblegum party! First, thanks to all for joining: stoic, bear_stark, threepwood, beavis, mathilya, jeff, hawx, villem, and of course myself. We started out at Rockford Plaza for a car meet. Props to bear_stark for a perfect landing of his Volatol, smack in the middle of the busiest traffic of Los Santos! After some group pictures, a few trivia questions, and a Princess Robot Bubblegum vehicle search, we moved to the playlist, for some chill non-competitive racing, in our naughty cars.

Because naughty pictures say so much more than naughty words, I hope you’ll enjoy the gallery below. Snaps have been kindly provided by myself, mathilya, and threepwood. Thanks to both for providing some additional fun perspectives! I look forward to see you all at the next party.

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