Lester's unfathomable infatuation.

Unfathomable infatuation: join the love fest this Sunday

We’re on for another crew event this Sunday: as per crew tradition, we will be celebrating Valentine once more! Get ready to spread your unfathomable infatuation. We shall defy the laws of attraction with a range of fun activities. To kick off, we will assemble at the nightclub. Plans include:

  • A random couples assignment through a game of chance.
  • Is there a scientific measure for unfathomable infatuation? Let’s find out with a visit to the Love Professor.
  • Couples dressing and dancing.
  • Love fact check with a short trivia.
  • Find your lost love.
  • Rescue your princess (if time).
  • A love themed playlist with a wide variety of jobs.

I look forward to see you there!

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