Cayo Perico Adventures – a trip to paradise this Wednesday

In December Rockstar added a brand new location to visit for GTA Online players – a tropical island owned by drug dealer El Rubio, Cayo Perico. Always restricted, but this Wednesday, 21:00 CET, we will visit this beautiful place again. And obviously, have a party.

To begin with, prepare your best beach clothes – Hawaiian shirts, short trousers and so on. Bring also a car, that in your opinion would match scenery of Cayo Perico the most. When ready, head to The Music Locker nightclub, as this will be our meeting location. Classic outfit+vehicle contest will follow, as well as short trivia. Based on its results, you’ll know whether you receive a passport on Cayo Perico or not 😉 Winners will travel with me to this tropical island, on which I scheduled some activities. And finally, themed playlist will conclude our event.

If you have any ideas on what would you like to do, please share your suggestions – either via Discord or Social Club. Thanks to everyone who completed a doodle. I am looking forward to seeing you all at the party.

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