Toy Stories party on Tuesday – find a child in yourself!

Most people’s childhood is associated with toys. These items are meant to bring smile to our faces, develop imaginations and help us grow up. Even adults tend to play with them. Now, let’s relive these fond memories and have a party, on which we will see how toys can affect a game like GTA.

We will meet on Tuesday, 20th of April, 21:00 CEST. Our meeting place this time will be a slope east from Pork Whistle farm. As a tribute to famous Toy Story franchise, please prepare your outfits accordingly:

Any other Toy Story character costume is also allowed, although it might be harder to assemble one. About vehicle – you can choose anything from your garage you consider as a toy. RC vehicles (Tank, Bandito), karts count too. After the group picture, we will go to the city and have some freemode fun and fly to infinity and beyond. I also prepared a bit longer than usual themed playlist focusing on any toy-looking things GTA Online has to offer.

If you have any suggestions for a playlist or freemode activities, please let me know. Thanks to everyone for completing a doodle and I am really looking forward to seeing you all at the party!

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