Six years of retinue: join the celebration this Monday!

An amazing six years have passed since conception of the crew. Therefore, we’re on this Monday 3 May at 9pm CEST as usual, to celebrate six fantastic years of tantalizing togetherness, of formidable fun, and of making a positive difference to the GTA Online experience.

All are welcome to join for a nostalgic trip through crew history. We shall informally assemble at The Music Locker for pre-party drinks and dancing, to then head to the beach as we used to in the old times, near the shark. Please bring your party clothes, party hats, party masks, party cars, party planes, party friends. We pray the party cops stay away this time although I’m sure they will get wind of it. As always, please do keep your party bombs and party guns stashed, at least until the appropriate moment in the playlist. On the menu this time are variations of a few old popular activities:

  • Libation and debauchery on the beach.
  • An ethical health and safety test of the fun rides on the pier.
  • Making the sleaziest crew pictures yet in the jacuzzi at the yacht.
  • PiƟwasser challenge. You may wish to hold your water.
  • Tripadvisor has commissioned the crew to test taxi services in Los Santos. Mr India, we’ll put you to the test once more! Can he beat his former record of 1m48s for getting horny crew members from the Casino to the Vanilla Unicorn?

We’ll then resume with a playlist of fun crew jobs. I look forward to see you all there!

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