Toy Stories party – back to the childhood

Many things have been said about toys already. Including the fact that many items available in GTA Online could be considered as them as well. Therefore, it was time for taking a closer look on what toys in GTAO has to offer and have a party.

We gathered near Pork Whistle farm and brought our favorite GTAO items. Fine guests arrived, that is: 83, Beavis, Dint, Doozle, Ellie, Herokin, Witt, Mattie, Myst, Sax, Threep, Villem, our guest Tankz and myself. They were varied as the size difference between Sasquatch and Veto Classic. After that, we called our karts and took turns in chasing little RC Bandito. Unfortunately, this remote control car has “off-radar” ability enabled permanently, so it was really easy to lose track of the runner.

And so, we moved to the airport and had some fun racing with planes taking off the runway, while still in karts and RC toys. As we prepared our outfits that honor the famous Toy Story franchise, we had to take a flight to infinity and beyond. We took two planes, reached the sky and parachuted down to 83, who was waiting for us on the ground. A group picture followed and we jumped to toy-themed playlist, which consisted of:

  • kart race on proper racetrack,
  • RC tank parkour,
  • RC Bandito race with many windmills,
  • parachute jump down the city center,
  • sumo with RC Banditos,
  • quick atomizer LTS shootout,
  • football match with RC Banditos,
  • Witt’s sumo with karts,
  • and finally, my late Prima Aprilis joke, a troll race in big toys Dunes

Thank you all for joining this event. Hope it brought some more or less distant memories from childhood, when the only thing that was limiting our fun was imagination. I’d also like to thank Threep for providing some snaps from the party, as well as Herokin, Beavis and Ellie for saving some screenshots. See you soon.

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