Unfathomable infatuation with threepwood.

Unfathomable infatuation: loveliest moments

In celebration of Valentine, we gathered once more last February to honour our unfathomable infatuation. First of all, thanks to everyone for joining! Present were threepwood, madebywitt, cyneric, myst, herokin, villem, marwadiator, mathilya, alexander, and myself. We kicked of with drinks and dancing at the nightclub. After liberal libation, a MacBeth roulette assigned couples: threepwood & witt, cyneric & myst, villem & herokin, mathilya & marwa, and alexander & myself.

We then headed to the arcade to measure each couple’s infatuation. Things were surprisingly cool this time around. However, the hottest winners were marwa & mathilya and cyneric & myst. We resumed with a searching challenge: I needed help to find my lost Chernobog love. Couples worked together to cover as much ground as possible. This time, villem & herokin were the ones to find it first.

For the next challenge, each couple gathered their most lovable outfits to make their best Valentine couple snap:

Here, couples threepwood & witt and mathilya & marwa gained the most votes and won this contest. However, everybody looked absolutely loveable. Special mention goes to villem & herokin for coming as the Simpsons. Indeed, that’s true originality!

Next, we resumed the event with a Valentine themed playlist: racing, quarrelling, sumo, and a co-operative mule carrying challenge. After adding the scores of couples for all activities, threepwood & witt managed to get an impressive high score of 111. This gained them a sweetheart of the week title, with everyone else designated as lover of the week. Finally, you can enjoy some pictures from the event below, kindly provided by myself and mathilya.

Keep up that unfathomable infatuation, and see you at the next one!

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