Around the state expedition: report & pictures

How big is the world map in GTA Online, everyone knows. But who would’ve thought there are so many things to do in every location, if you plan your trip accordingly. We experienced it ourselves, when it turned out the amount of freemode activities I planned was too big. And so, we had 2 events with a one week break. It was probably the first time such a situation occurred, but hey, double the party, double the fun, right? ;)

Part 1

We met at the parking lot in south Los Santos. As soon as everyone joined, we set off on our bicycles. First a scenic route to the Ammu-Nation on Eastern Highway. There, a weapon trivia took place, won by Witt. After that, we caused a traffic jam on the motorway, found the highest spot in Palmer-Taylor Power Station and met at Davis Quartz. There, we intensively searched for hidden RC Bandito and Marva was the one who found it first. Pleasant ride around Mount Gordo followed, along with a team race over Grand Senora hills.

Then, we moved to a clothes shop in Grapeseed, but it was closed, so we took a deep breath and climbed Mount Chiliad off the trail. Fortunately, everyone made it, so next we parachuted down to Paleto Bay, where a jacuzzi on Doozle’s yacht was waiting especially for us. Exhausted, yet satisfied we visited clothes shop, where everyone showed their seductive fashion sense by participating in outfit contest with theme “Sex Bomb”. Toga was the one who turned out to be the hottest. Finally, we made a decision that the next part of the event will take place next week.

Part 2

Having taken some rest we set off from my house in Paleto Bay. On Paleto Cove peninsula, the darkness of the night was illuminated by our fireworks show. Next up, we taught our good friends from Altruist Camp how kinetic energy works by providing them first-hand experience with our Atomizers. Inevitably, police arrived and we were forced to repeat action from Pacific Standard heist and parachuted down the cliff. Hillclimbing activity followed, with many hilarious falls, but in the end everyone made it. Chaos ruled, when we invaded Fort Zancudo control tower and we escaped in many aircrafts with angry military units deploying heavy machinery against us. After that we had to chill in Devin Weston’s mansion pool.

We finally arrived in the city. Some nasty imps took away proximity mines I planted in the golf club, so we unleashed our fury in the Axe of Fury arcade game. At the airport we checked who can hang on the Hydra jet the longest – Marva and Mattie were standing still for the longest. It still wasn’t over yet – we moved to Vespucci Beach promenade to see how fast we can drive along it without running over any pedestrians. Witt appeared to be the smoothest driver there. And finally finally, we did a quick CTC on a parking lot, but since there were so many things going on, I declared everyone as a winner!

And that would be it. Thank you all so much: Mattie, Dint, Witt, Marva, Beavis, Villem, Threep, Doozle, Cyneric, Toga, Ellie, Herokin, Ibex, Lorsch and Sari for joining this massive event, which really had to be split into two parts. You can enjoy snaps and screens below, provided this time by Threep, Beavis, Ibex and Marwa. And of course Mattie’s party recording (part 1 and part 2). Looking forward to seeing you at the next events!

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