Six years of retinue group photo.

Six years of retinue: libation and celebration report

Finally, here’s the report from our birthday party, following six years of retinue. Many thanks to all party animals for joining: beavis, dint, dr insane, ellie, gloozy, herokin, lorsch, mathilya, michael, nopitch, reacher, saxtus, threepwood, and villem. The only thing I remembered from the party is the heavy hangover the day after. However, fortunately, a few people took some pictures of the most compromising kind. The pictures have been provided with pleasure by yours truly, mathilya, and threepwood. You can find them below.

It appears we started at the nightclub for a dance and a drink, before moving on to the beach on the party bus. Apologies from your driver for running into any traffic lights. At the beach, villem, dint, dr insane, and myself, played beach ball with a Seashark, showing off our best moves. Some unsavoury folks with knives also showed up, but were quickly chased off again. After a group photo, we had some fun on the pier. Again, accidents may have happened. Congratulations however to nopitch for managing to stay on the ride for the longest! Reacher also impressed everyone with a very original way of going on the ride, using a quad bike.

After some romance on the Ferris wheel, we resumed with a taxi challenge to the Vanilla Unicorn. Some drivers got confused, and beavis and villem found themselves mistakenly dropped off at Horny’s instead. It happens all the time to me too. We need to keep training them, and maybe one day they will learn. For the rest of the evening, we enjoyed a playlist with a variety of crew jobs.

Following these six fantastic years, I look forward to many more years of retinue to come!

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