Finding the truth: abduction

The truth was out there: X file report

Here’s finally the report on our X files event, where we tried to find the truth! First of all, thanks to everyone for joining either part of the event: aleksander, beavis, cyneric, ibex, mayhem, dint, ellie, villem, saxtus, mathilya, one, roofstone, monster, threepwood, vaklap, and of course myself. We started off at the FIB building under the guidance of deputy director Skinner (yours truly).

The truth behind Mulder and Scully

We had to try to find Mulder and Scully before Kersh. After many hilarious attempts, everybody made it into the building. Next, agents were divided into three teams. Each team competed to find certain locations and to know the answer to specific questions. These questions concerned the X files, scientific knowledge about the universe, and general trivia related to alien activity in the GTA universe.

Unfortunately, we found that Kersh had put Mulder’s office on fire, to destroy the X files. Thus, we visited the Humane Labs, where Mulder and Scully had last been spotted, conducting an autopsy. Although many tried, unfortunately only a few individuals managed to make it inside the lab. I thank everyone for their patience. Special mention goes to ibex for finding the autopsy room!

The next sighting brought us to the “Beam Me Up” hill, also known as the “Silent Probe Mountain”, near Sandy Shores. After discovering the truth behind the Wow! signal, we resumed our search along the satellite dishes in the Grand Senora desert, the alien enthusiast house, the suspicious silos near Stab City, and the secret drawings at the cable car station on top of Mount Chiliad. Our last stop brought us to the sunken UFO in the most northern point of the map.

Team awards

All teams did a fantastic job at answering the different questions. For getting most of the science questions right, team beavis, ibex, threepwood, and villem, earned themselves a science team of the week title. For getting most of the X files questions right, cyneric, dint, ellie, mathilya, and vaklap earned themselves an X files team of the week title. Team aleksander, mayhem, monster, one, and saxtus, earned themselves an abtuctees of the week title. Finally, ibex earned an interstellar boundary explorer title, as their name happens to be an abbreviation of it.

Finding more truth at the afterparty

We did not get to the playlist on the day, so we postponed it to the next week. Thanks also to everyone who joined the X files afterparty, and earned themselves an indulger of the week title: aleksander, beavis, dint, marva, mathilya, one, roofstone, vaklap, villem, and myself.

Picture gallery

You can enjoy some pictures below, provided by myself, with some extra ones kindly provided by mathilya. Thanks again everyone for joining and engaging with the event. I already look forward to our next one! Remember, the truth is out there.

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