ETCL Parodies vol. 4 this Tuesday

Here we go again. Ladies & gentlemen, get ready for ETCL Parodies vol. 4. On Tuesday, 17th of August, 21:00 CEST. The formula remains the same. To prepare yourself, please choose one of the crew members you wish to impersonate. This is the hardest part! When ready, pick clothes the chosen one usually wears. Don’t forget about the haircut and if possible, favorite vehicle. Due to inflation, prices are rising, so plastic surgery is not necessary! However, coming as yourself does not count. In case you don’t know how specific player is dressing, while in game follow this instruction:

  1. enter the pause menu – click online
  2. click friends
  3. highlight the player you wish to imitate

And one final thing – prepare yourself for the presentation of the player you are impersonating. It can be a quote, action, little scene, whatever.

We will meet at the parking lot, opposite Diego’s garage. Freemode part of the event will be revealed during the party. For now, I can say that as before, there will be a playlist consisting of crew jobs only, so I guarantee you won’t get bored.

Thanks to everyone who completed a doodle and see you soon!

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