ETCL parodies vol. 4 – how well do we know each other?

Costume parties are present during most of our parties. But once a year there is a party on which all participants choose outfits that are very familiar. And this is how ETCL Parodies vol. 4 started.

I welcomed Beavis, Herokin, Ibex, Witt, Marva, Mattie, MasterGuy, One, Doozle, Threep, Villem Warlock and Myst. But they all look different than usual, as player tags didn’t match their looks at all. Cars they brought neither. It took us 20 minutes to make a little presentation, assign new nicknames and question each other about these familiar looking characters. More amusement followed in “who is most likely to” game, with unexpected nominees.

Then, participants were asked to find Villem’s lime-green Mamba around the city, solving the riddles asked by me. After more than 10 minutes of exploration, MasterGuy found a car on a construction site. Freemode part of the event was finished by another 5 questions of “who is most likey to” game. Then we jumped to the playlist, containing crew jobs only.

  • my open-wheeler race,
  • Mattie’s Caddy downhill capture,
  • Witt’s KotH on small platform,
  • Doozle’s deathmatch in Mini Madrazo’s mansion,
  • Villem’s truck capture,
  • Roof’s tight race,
  • Kassz’s boxing match,
  • Beavis’ Chernobog hillclimb capture
  • and finally, my TA race that got bugged. Like a real parody!

And that wraps ETCL Parodies numero 4. Thanks all once again for joining. Screens this time were provided by Threep and Beavis. Mattie’s recording is here. See you on the next crew parties!

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