High School Youngsters – report & pictures

We had another great party, this time filled with high school memories – times, when we were all youngsters. Warlock, Marwa, Mattie, Saxtus, Villem, Dint, Beavis, Witt joined me at this event.

I started with picking up all youngsters from parties at their night clubs and other similar places with a prison school bus. And we set off on a journey to the modern school, situated in my facility. As we arrived, lessons started. First set of questions was about English, maths and history. First break followed –  we voted for the best school uniform. Swag of the week title went to Dint. After that, students continued their hard work on biology and geography. I was glad to notice that they were able to correct the teacher’s mistakes. For the second break, we went to a shooting range for some defensive training practical classes. Next up, another test, this time about chemistry and physics.

Students started to feel tired, therefore we went on the third break. We supplied ourselves with various drinks and invaded Sandy Shores. We split into two teams and tried to find as many Caddies and Fieldmasters as possible. Soon, local gas station filled with these vehicles. The end of school day was near – foreign languages and physical education ended this action-packed day. Mattie answered the most questions correctly. However, the event wasn’t over yet. A short playlist containing Doozle’s gliding lessons, multiplayer boxing masterclass and co-operation ended the party.

I’d like to express my gratitude to Witt for providing snaps, Marwa and Beavis for screens and Mattie for party recording. See you all next time!

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