Monthly Archives: December 2021

Welcome happy little workers. Our tasks aren’t simple by any means. Apparently, the rest of our colleagues have become ill and won’t be able to complete their tasks. Only the research team and us are still operational. They claim to be on the verge of making a mold-breaking discovery. For […]

Saving Christmas Event This Saturday

Saving the Earth in an ultralight.
Last Sunday afternoon, we assembled once again, this time trying to save the earth. Thanks to all for joining: nishiv, dint, villem, one, mathilya, bear, stoic, saxtus, and ibex! We kicked off at LSIA with a few questions about flight and fuel consumption, and a quick vehicle search. Bear was […]

Save the earth: report and pictures

What a pity that humans don’t have wings. Instead, we invented flying machines, which make people’s dreams of becoming a bird true. And so, we assembled in Los Santos to celebrate Take-Two Interactive aviation achievements, presented in GTA Online. I was joined by One, Nishiv, Dint, Mattie, Villem, Sax, Witt, […]

Sky odyssey on Aviation Enthusiasts party