Saving the Earth in an ultralight.

Save the earth: report and pictures

Last Sunday afternoon, we assembled once again, this time trying to save the earth. Thanks to all for joining: nishiv, dint, villem, one, mathilya, bear, stoic, saxtus, and ibex!

We kicked off at LSIA with a few questions about flight and fuel consumption, and a quick vehicle search. Bear was the quickest to find my long lost BMX in one of the airport hangars. We then enjoyed Rockstar physics with fuel free flight, using the BMX gliding glitch. Congratulations to nishiv and one for making it from Vespucci beach all the way to Procopio beach without touching the ground!

We then moved on with a few questions about offshore wind and electrolysis. A search for “the climate is not changin. fact!!” was won by ibex. Following a few more facts about methane production, we resumed with a sabotage run on fuel stations and donut stands. Here, the team comprising nishiv, villem, mathilya, and one, took the lead with destroying most of the fuel stations.

We then hunted for solar panels, and again the same team took the lead on panels per team member. Special mention however to dint for carrying his team so bravely after a few unfortunate disconnections left him soloing for his team. Saxtus rejoined and we then went on a suicide run in the wind farm. Here, mathilya got closest to guessing the number of sacrifices made: there were 13 deaths. We ended the event with the supermen job and a group photo on the wind turbine.

For answering most of the questions correctly, ibex earns a scientist of the week title. For being the best saboteurs, nishiv, mathilya, villem, and one, earn themselves saboteur of the week title. Saxtus, bear, stoic, and dint, earn an environmentalist of the week title for all their environmental contributions. You can find some of my pictures from the event below. Enjoy! I already look forward to the next time we shall try to save the earth.

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