Two Twenty Two on 22.02.2022!

There aren’t many days in the calendar which look so peculiar when written. However, there is one coming: 22nd of February, 2022. 22-02-2022, 02-22-2022 and so on. Just twos and zeros can be found. Now, you might be wondering, how could it possibly refer to Ethical Retinue? Our reliable Witt thought this would be a good crew party theme. And I feel honored to co-host this event.

It won’t be a surprise if we say that this party will take place on 22nd of February, 21:00CET (maybe for some of you it would be 22:00 your local time ;)). We will meet at Del Perro beach parking lot, just north-west from the tunnel’s north entrance. Here is a picture for reference. No dress code, no vehicle code, although it would be perfect if it was land one. Few unique freemode activities are scheduled before we jump to the themed playlist. But before that, mandatory group picture at 22:22 :D

Looking forward to seeing you all at the party!


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