Mythical adventures: report and pictures

Dionysus has finally awoken from his intoxicated slumber, suffering from a major hangover. He has no memory whatsoever of what happened at his mythical party last September, besides the pictures you can find below. It appears we have been dancing, drinking, pimping, pushing, and trolling, to finally end up in the underworld to repent for all our sins and hubris.

A huge thanks to all who joined! You can recognize

  • villem as Hades
  • roofstone as Charon
  • vaklap as Styx
  • one as Cupid
  • ibex as Aphrotide
  • myself as Dionysus
  • threepwood as Hermes
  • witt as Zeus, cleverly disguised as a bird
  • warlock as Cratos
  • monster as Epsilon cultist
  • cyneric as English tourist

Also thanks to saxtus for persistently trying to join, however the internet connection kept insisting on being in a mythical illusive state. Enjoy the pictures!

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