Eternal damnation: reporting from hell

In celebration of the number of the beast, we assembled last Monday for our very first eternal damnation party. On the menu were a wide range of questions about evil in history and GTA. We also performed team challenges including translating devil speak and looking for marks of the beast. The highlight of the evening was trying to put 666 on top of Maze Bank. When it became clear that we would not have sufficient space, we formed 616 instead. This is the original number of the beast according to the oldest historical manuscripts.

The teams, aptly named Lucifer, Beelzebub, and Mephistopheles, scored as follows:

We did not get around to the playlist, whence, part two of eternal damnation will be coming soon.

Thanks to all for attending: beavis “kiss”, villem “evil genius”, tilly “abstract”, domo “rock star”, monster “liberation for libation”, plimph “innocence”, doozle “sacrificial lamb”, pow “where’s little red riding hood”, quang “corona safety first”, cyneric “evil cook”, and threep “krampus”. You all have a real knack for dressing up appropriately, and I really enjoyed the variety and originality of each of your creative looks. Some pictures can be found below, kindly provided by myself, tilly, threep, and beavis.

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