Who learned the most from the Driving School?

What is driving? In simple words, sitting behind the steering wheel and navigating a vehicle. We took a look at it from a different perspective on the last crew event. From the basics.

Threep, Beavis, Villem, Mattie, Dint, Domo, Witt, Myst and Rag arrived to the parking lot with cars that taught them the most how to drive. Warmup done, group picture taken, we moved on Mattie’s Dozer to my apartment for a theoretical test. Witt appeared to be the most knowledgeable not about the cars, but also their manufacturers. Eventually, everyone passed this part and we moved to the playlist.

  • First, a maneuvering area with many tight courses, 180 turns and cone slaloms. But also stunt tricks like barrel roll or side wheelies. Kudos to Rag, Threep and Myst for scoring most points in these.
  • Second, extra exercises, containing car control with popped tires, handbrake parking and basic P.I.T. maneuver. Mattie, Villem and Beavis did really well on the latter.
  • And final exam. Dint was cheating, but since he admitted to it, I let it slip. And shoutouts to Domo for not giving up after over an hour of experiencing pain, as the final test turned out to be nothing but a sadistic troll race I made for April Fools Day.

I am glad to announce that everyone passed. Your driving licence will be granted soon. I’d like to thank everyone who joined. Thanks to Mattie, you can not only enjoy party recording but also his quality snaps. And I almost forgot to mention Threep’s contribution, so you can enjoy the party in the lens of his camera. See you all on the next crew events!

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