Seventh birthday party in the pictures 2

The retinue celebrated its 7th birthday last month, comprising random freemode fun and classic crew jobs. Thanks to all for joining: beavis, dint, domo, electrickill, felk, ibex, madebywitt, marwa, mathilya, michael, myst, nopitch, plimph, threepwood, villem, and yg! The pictures below are provided for the majority by myself, beavis, and mathilya. Threep and yg provided a few extra ones. Thanks for your efforts to spend some time to make some great snaps of the event!

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2 thoughts on “Seventh birthday party in the pictures

    • mattiejas Post author

      Oh yes! Those few mentioned are from #media, which were added to a gallery right after the event. But I found the ones you uploaded afterwards now as well, and added them into the report. Thanks for sticking to the naming scheme, that made it very easy to locate them!