Cosy pyjamas sleepover: a dreamy report

A big thanks to all who joined the event: instanty, mrnoobstorm, mathilya, mapkko, ibex, witt, villem, and beavis. The majority of the event took place in my tiny apartment on Las Lagunas Boulevard. We searched for objects and played a game of “I spy with my little eye”. We learnt a few new things about sleep and dreams in the GTA universe. We ended the freemode part with a group shower, listening to various songs from different GTA radio stations, trying to name the songs and stations. Finally, the event ended with a short playlist, where we raced to heaven, had naughty dreams, and glided into the horizon. You can find some pictures below, provided by myself and mathilya; thanks for putting these together! I already look forward to our next event.

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