Darts tournament – who had the best aim?

Darts, such a simple game. But with ETCL members, it was a great fun. Especially, when playing in a tournament.

We played many matches, everyone against everyone. After 11 exhausting rounds, the scoreboard looked as following:

  1. 22p – Threepwood
  2. 21p – Witt
  3. 20p – Mattie
  4. 18p – Cyneric
  5. 16p – Quang
  6. 13p – Villem
  7. 13p – Ibex
  8. 13p – Warlock
  9. 11p – Plimph
  10. 10p – Mappko
  11. 8p – Domo

Threep and Witt advanced to the great finale, with our pirate winning 3:2 against our Squashie. Congratulations everybody! Detailed results can be found in table below .

Mattie’s party recording is also ready to watch. Also, how he managed to capture so many great snaps, I guess nobody knows. Thanks all for joining and CU on our next events!


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