Playlist night memories

We had another great event. This time, everything scheduled was just a big, 16-job playlist, containing various games most players enjoy. So we started a playlist night. We assembled behind MIrror Park petrol station and as soon as Bogu, Mattie, Ibex, Ogi, Saxtus, Sotmo, Yuliya, Witt, Villem, Myst and Marwa arrived, we started our job marathon:

  • my hunting pack,
  • crazy pursuit race in Futos and rain,
  • co-op capture,
  • survival sumo,
  • King of the Hill mode… on UFOs,
  • Villem’s truck reversing capture,
  • my boxing match,
  • Mario-styled kart race,
  • avalanche crossing capture,
  • last team standing against NPC tank,
  • my hybrid of the slowest race ever,
  • football match,
  • DB’s deathrun,
  • blind RPG deathmatch,
  • my dual race,
  • and finally, a parachute jump down the mountain.

And so, we reached the finish line. Thanks all for joining and as always to Mattie for providing excellent quality snaps, as well as party recording. See you on the next events!

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