ETCL Parodie5 memories

From all the crew events I hosted, none of them lived to 5 iterations. The original ETCL Parodies was held for the first time back in 2018. I was glad to organize an event on which we impersonated each other for the fifth time.

We met at the highest point of Tongva hills, away from the streets. Wittwood, Thazardiejas, Mattwood, Matibex, Vixtus, Bogu, Hivolatge and Tillybex arrived. After majestic sunrise admiration , we took a bus down the hill and went to the city on a quest to find a little Issi Classic with crew logo. Despite my convoluted clues, the team found it hidden nearby old Franklin’s house. Finally, we moved to the playlist with crew jobs only:

  • Mattie’s relaxing race in the canyon,
  • Villem’s car carrying capture,
  • Witt’s sumo with disappearing tiles,
  • Ibex’s race in East Vinewood,
  • Beavis’ capture with Chernobogs,
  • Saxtus’ race around observatory with relay twist,
  • and finally, my AW KotH.

I’d like to thank everyone who joined the event. Special thanks to Mattie for providing best-quality snaps and party recording. Looking forward to seeing you at the next parties!

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