Festive celebration on Christmas 2022 party

It is a tradition that once a year not only we have Christmas, but also ETCL event focused on this festive. It wasn’t different this year. Although without snow, no less fun.

We met at the top of Mount Chiliad. The spirit of our crew was clearly shown when Mattie managed to get his party bus right on top with assistance from Monster, Beavis and Solar. After group picture, we slid down the mountain and Villem was the first to reach Binco clothes shop, which was our finish line. Then it appeared that Santa left a Christmas gift for us, somewhere in nearby forest, as well as some clues on where to find it. After some exploration, Marwa found it.

Themed playlist followed, including such classic jobs as:

  • Christmas tree capture,
  • downhill ice races,
  • firework deathmatch,
  • AW vehicles sumo on ice,
  • and a parachute jump.

At the end of the playlist we had really big turnaround: Villem, Marwa, Rieper, Beavis, Herokin, Ibex, Mattie, Myst, Rag, Solar, Sotmo, Raptor, Doozle, Monster, Toga and YG – thank you all so much for joining! You can also enjoy some snaps, this time provided by Mattie and me. A.D. 2023 is on now, here is to the next parties!

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