Snowy report from Snow Show party

Undoubtedly, Rockstar was very generous with snowgiving this year. We had full 3 weeks of San Andreas under white coat. Perfect conditions for another crew event!

We met on the verges of the city, near a grocery stand. Mattie, Monster, Ogi, Doozle, Ninja, Dint, Longbow, Soup, Bogu, Ibex, Witt, Villem, Threep arrived. For the first freemode challenge, we had a relay race to the Diamond Casino. But a nasty Gooch shot rear tires of our vehicles. In what turned out to be a drifting contest, team Ogi, Monster, Ninja and Doozle crossed the finish line first. Then, we did a roulette spin, won by Longbow.

Creme de la creme next, playlist with well-known crew jobs with snowy twist:

  • my golf bridge capture,
  • DB’s sumo,
  • my insular transform race,
  • Witt’s hunting pack with buses,
  • Villem’s NASCAR themed track,
  • my sumo,
  • DB’s overtime rumble KotH,
  • Doozle’s snowball deathmatch,
  • Villem’s truck reversing capture,
  • and finally, my lawnmower downhill race.

Thank you all for joining. Mattie’s party recording is here. You can also enjoy some snaps, this time provided by me and Ibex. See you at the next events!

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