Romantic memories from Valentine party

Valentine’s Day is so specific that it can be celebrated for an entire year. We proved it by having a themed event that took place almost 2 months after actual Valentine’s Day. After all, our love is perpetual.

And so, we gathered on a small island between Sandy Shores and Stab City, away from cops and other unfriendlies. Then, we split into pairs:

  • Mattie&Frag,
  • Solar&Mohit,
  • Nemesis&Villem,
  • THD&Doozle.

After a romantic drive to my arcade, we asked Love Professor what pair was the most true. Unbiased judge decided that Mattie&Frag scored the most points and won the challenge. Then, we flew to Cayo Perico for a party. And participated in a contest, in which we voted on the best dancing pair. The winners were Solar&Mohit. That wrapped the freemode episode – short playlist followed:

  • my TA race, won by Solar&Mohit,
  • Mule backpack race, won by Nemesis&Villem,
  • my duel track on which we found out which half of the couple is faster,
  • Myst’s golf relay race, won by Nemesis&Villem,
  • and finally co-op parkour race.

Thank you all for joining the most loving event of the year. You can enjoy some screens and snaps, this time provided by Solar, Nemesis and Mattie. See you on the next crew events!


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