Race Wars Five – here is the checkered flag!

This year, Race Wars were hosted on a big scale. My fantastic co-hosts, that is Ibex and Witt, carried out research worth Adam Brough to work out the best way for everybody to enjoy racing.

We met at the horse track behind the casino and split into teams:

  • Team Blue: me, Ganz, Rag, Ogi
  • Team Red: Witt, YG, Bonte, Rieper/Longbow
  • Team Green: Ibex, Axyl, Mattie, Mohit

After the group picture and car set assigning process, not only Villem joined us, but also we began to race!

  • Witt won the race in sports classics…
  • …as well as in supercars,
  • Ibex took the win in SUV race,
  • Axyl was the first to cross the finish line in coupes,YG was the fastest in sports race,
  • Ogi saw the checkered flag first in muscles race,
  • YG completed a double when racing in off-roads,
  • and so did Witt in the tuners cars race.

The competition was very close and at this point I’d like to congratulate for a fantastic battle in each race! The winner was Team Blue, with 223 points, closely followed by Team Red with 209 points, and the bronze medal goes to Team Green with 191 points. Below you can see the detailed results:

Once again, thank you all for participating in our event and we’re already looking forward to seeing you in future meetings!

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